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Bulgaria – since 2007 a full member of the European Union – offers enormous potential for investors. The last ten years, the country has garnered confidence of numerous internationally present companies from Belgium and other European countries. Bulgaria deserves your vote of confidence as well.

The country has made giant leaps as a reliable and attractive investment opportunity stimulated by the European Union, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund. The country is typified by a high degree of unanimity, for both its government and its residents, on attracting foreign investors with open arms.



The following topics make Bulgaria an interesting investment:


Great geographical location


Extensive and modern infrastructure


Under-valued real estate


High degree of education


Growing domestic market


Attractive fiscal climate


Low salary costs

Bulgaria is at the crossroads between Europe, Russia, and Africa It is well suited as a transit point, perfect for logistics and distribution across the whole world. Furthermore, the country boasts a highly developed and modern infrastructure.

With international support, Bulgaria has built a modern transit infrastructure:

International motorways: European North-South and East-West oriented corridors cross each other in Bulgaria

Extensive rail connections and switchyards

Transportation by water over the Danube river

Modern, international airport close to Sofia, supplemented by several regional airports.

An important international sea port (Boergas), situated on the Black Sea.

Bulgaria is developing into a modern economy where massive investments are taking place, including the modernization of nuclear power plants, solar panels, pipeline transport for oil, and telecommunications
International tourism – in part thanks to the country’s beautiful nature reserves and various recreational possibilities – is also growing rapidly.

Due to the highly appealing climate, real estate prices have been rising over the last few years. Nevertheless, excellent opportunities are present, and definitely when partnering with BNS.

Bulgaria is investing a lot in education. The country has several universities and higher education facilities. Countless numbers of educated Bulgarians are making an effort to learn the most important Western languages. With a population of 9 million inhabitants, Bulgaria possesses a large and motivated workforce.

As a country in full development, Bulgaria also offers attractive domestic opportunities. The purchasing power of the population is on the rise, which means you as an investor, can profit.

Bulgaria commits to a flat tax of 10 percent on corporate profit. Dividends are taxed a mere 5 percent. To avoid double taxation, the country has agreed on tax treaties with 28 countries (amongst others, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, …). Furthermore, several exemptions are present for VAT-tax. Free capital in and outflow is present. Customs policy is flexible, with free import and export of materials as the key starting point.

Bulgaria has the lowest wage costs of Europe, which enables employment of educated personnel on very attractive terms.

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