Located at the MENEN exit of the A19, this new office complex is situated very close to the traffic junction South West Flanders. This junction has some of the best connections in Flanders, in all directions: Dunkerque and Calais near the Belgian west coast, Bruges and Zeebrugge on the Belgian east coast, the northern triangle Ghent – Antwerp – Brussels, the southern axis Lille – Paris and Tournai and Mons in the southeast. In short, the project is located at one of the most accessible places of the Euro-metropolis Kortrijk – Lille.

The design is much more than office space; it has the ambition to be a total experience for the user and the visitor. It responds to the current trend that working is also an experience.

The site is extremely accessible and offers ample parking, making arriving and leaving totally stress-free. Even though the various buildings have their own style, they all fit together. Underneath the buildings there is a continuous semi-underground car park. A promenade slightly elevated above the surroundings connects the various buildings. This promenade is central to the project as all the complementary functions will be located alongside it: restaurant, nursery, fitness, hotel…

The construction  is situated in a green environment and sits right next to an existing business park, where the developer focused on quality and open space. The environment offers space for relaxation. This vision is continued within the new project. There is, for example, space for sports and relaxation on top of the parking building.

The tallest building is a landmark in the area. In addition to its function as a reference building, it will also house a hotel with facilities for the site and the surrounding area.

The entire construction has been designed as a nice circuit of buildings with a focus on  sober architecture and high quality materials.

The project aims to be a contemporary sustainable whole in an exceptional location. The project will become a well-known and unique concept in the wide environment.


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