This unique concept is on the border of the Flemish Ardennes. It has a plot size of 21,805 square meters and room for 145 accommodation units.

* 25% are land-based dwellings

* 31% 1-bedroom apartments

* 40% 2-bedroom apartments

* 29% 3-bedroom apartments

Parking is provided in the semi-underground garage with parking space, bicycle storage and storage. In addition to underground parking, parking is also provided above ground for visitors and car sharing, with electricity to charge electric cars.

The buildings are being built in sustainable materials with special attention to ecological living. Along the edge of the plot there is a cycle motorway that connects with beautiful cycling routes through the Flemish Ardennes. The F45 bicycle motorway runs from Ghent via De Pinte, Nazareth, Gavere, Zingem, Oudenaarde and Kluisbergen and also links with Kortrijk via Avelgem.

The project is quite diverse, featuring different housing typologies. Not only does this approach provide variety in offer and experience, but it also offers possibilities to spatially fit every component in its immediate environment in the best possible way.


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